During many years of the Academy's activity, there were many moments worth remembering: trips, camps, national and foreign competitions, internships, seminars. Each training session was unique. Many people passed through the training room and hundreds of liters of sweat were spilled. The memories of the students who are smiling and tired of hard training talk about it.

Below are photos from a few selected event

Master Ambrose Kwok Keung Chiu visits our academy - 2015

On October 21-29, 2015, at the invitation of Si Fu Marcin Jóźwiak, his teacher, Si Gung Ambrose Chiu, came to Poland. During this time, the master participated in Hung Gar Kung Fu training conducted at our Academy, he shared his knowledge and experience related to training, including: basic exercises, forms, double forms, weapons, technique applications, various types of training. He also met with a smaller group of Si Fu Marcin Jóźwiak assistants, where he talked about the history, tradition, about the hierarchy of lines, what are the customs and his recommendations for the next generation of masters. It is worth mentioning here that three of the students of Si Fu Marcin Jóźwiak in the previous year received master degrees in the Hung Gar Kuen style. Si Gung Ambrose Chiu expressed the hope that in the near future other assistants will join the group of champions.
In addition, much of Si Gung talked about the approach to traditional training of both students and teachers. Also about the health effects of traditional training, regardless of the age of the people exercising. It was also a time when Si Fu Marcin Jóźwiak and Si Gung Ambros Chiu spent many hours on joint individual training and consultations.

Training internship with masters Chiu Wai and Chiu Kwok Keung - 2012

Hong Kong 2010 - Master Chiu Wai's birthday party

In October 2010, Si Fu Marcin Jóźwiak together with his students visited Hong Kong. The main purpose of the trip was to celebrate the birthday of Master Chiu Wai. Champions from all over the world, coming from the master's family, were invited to the meeting. Poland and Europe were represented by our Academy, and there were also participants from such countries as: Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, etc.

The ceremony took place on a Sunday evening in a restaurant. The organizers of the party were: Denis Kwok Kie Chiu (the younger son of Master Chiu Wai who permanently lives in Hong Kong, who currently represents the Chiu family in Hong Kon) and Chiu Mei Wa (the Hung Gar champion who runs Kwon in Hong Kong with the master Denis Chiu). Traditionally, the party started with the dragon dance, followed by shows by the masters and their schools. At the end of this part of the ceremony, Master Chiu Wai also took part in the performance and gave an excellent display of the traditional Hung Gar Kuen.

After the show, each school presented the master with gifts and a party in the restaurant began, where everyone celebrated together and raised toasts to the master's health. It should be noted that for the first time the entire Hung Gar family of our lineage was together.

Training internship with masters Chiu Wai and Chiu Kwok Keung - 2009

Master Chiu Kwok Keung's Visit - 2008

At the invitation of Si Fu Marcin Jóźwiak, Si Gung Chiu Kwok Keung visited Warsaw. The master took part in the training of all training groups at the Academy. After the last training session, there was a meeting at the Moonsoon Cafe. Si Gung told, inter alia, about the history of Hung Gar, about the training in his hometown Kwon in Honk Kong led by Si Ty Gung Chiu Wai. He also briefly introduced the customs that were in force in the school and that he communicated to his own students.

Training internship with masters Chiu Wai and Ambrose Kwok Keung Chiu - 2007

Training internship with masters Chiu Wai and Ambrose Kwok Keung Chiu - 2006

Master Marcin Jóźwiak completed a 14-day training internship with masters Chiu Wai and Chiu Kwok Keung in Calgary, Canada. Master Chiu Wai, (Zhao Wei) began learning Hung Gar Kung Fu at the age of 6-7 under the supervision of his father - Chiu Kao (1895-1995) - the master of Hung Gar Kuen and his mother Siu Ying (1904-2002), who they were disciples of Master Lam Sai Wing (1861-1942). Master Lam was a student of the famous master Wong Fei Hung (1850-1933), one of the 10 Cantonese Tigers.

All these great Hung Gar Kuen masters were also experts in the Traditional field Chinese Medicine, which knowledge was passed down from generation to generation, from master to student. This tradition is now continued by two sons of Master Chiu Wai: Chiu Kwok Kei (Denis Chiu) and Chiu Kwok Keung (Ambrose Chiu) - also Hung Gar Kuen masters. In 1997, Master Chiu Wai retired, his son Chiu Kwok Keung (Ambrose Chiu) runs his Dit-Da clinic in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who, like his father, trains and teaches the Hung Gar Kung Fu system.

During his stay in Calgary, Canada, Master Jóźwiak had the honor and pleasure to practice under the watchful eye of both masters - father and son - Chiu Wai and Chiu Kwok Keung. Trainings took place twice a day in the masters' private training rooms and in the clinic, in between, there was time for Hung Gar Kuen's rest and independent practice. Classes were held in private training rooms in the houses of masters and in the clinic.

The trainings were devoted to getting to know new and improving known manual forms, forms with weapons and the application (use in combat) of the techniques contained therein. It should be said here that both masters put special emphasis on the practical aspect of the techniques performed, i.e. their use in combat. Remarks on the implementation of the most advanced form of the Hung Gar Kuen system - Tit Shin Kuen - turned out to be extremely valuable. One of the most important elements in doing this form is the correct shouting and the correct breathing pattern.

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