Academy of Traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu

We teach according to traditional Chinese patterns. Traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu training includes: techniques of five animals, five elements, learning free combat, fighting with weapons. Training in this form is passed down through generations of Hung Gar Kuen masters.

Academy of Traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu

The school directly represents the Hung Gar Kuen lineage of masters Chiu Wai and Ambrose Kwok Keung Chiu.

SiFu Marcin Jóźwiak

Si Fu Marcin Jóźwiak

Master of Hung Gar Kuen style, founder and leader of the Academy.

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Mistrzowie Hung Gar Kuen

Masters of Hung Gar Kuen

The story of Hung Gar Kung Fu style shown by our masters.

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Linia przekazu stylu Hung Gar Kuen

Hung Gar Kuen lineage

The Academy officially and directly represents the lines of the master family: Chiu Wai and Ambros Chiu.

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Specyfika stylu Hung Gar Kuen

The characteristic of the Hung Gar Kuen

Hung Gar Kuen is a system derived from the southern Shaolin Monastery, belongs to the five major southern systems..

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Formy Hung Gar Kuen

Forms Hung Gar Kuen

At Hung Gar Kuen we teach single, double, hand and weapon forms.

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Czym jest Kung Fu?

What is Kung Fu?

Find out what the term kung fu means, see the main historical centers of the development of traditional martial arts.

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Memories of students

This is how our students remember training at the Academy.

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