Hung Gar Kuen Lineage

Our Academy and Si Fu officially represents
the family lineage of master Chiu Wai and master Ambros Kwok Keung Chiu.

Southern Shaolin Monastery

Linia przekazu Hung Gar Kuen

Students of Master Chiu Wai's Family

Uczniowie Rodziny mistrza Chiu Wai'a

The diagram above shows the students of Master Chiu Wai's family who run Hung Gar Kuen schools. It should be noted that Master Chiu Wai, his sons Ambrose and Denis have many students, however only the people mentioned above pass on the acquired knowledge and skills in their schools. The information above is from master Ambrose Kwok Keung Chiu and master Chiu Wai.

Masters of Hung Gar Kuen

For more information on the biographies of the masters from our lineage, please visit the link below.

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