Si Fu Marcin Jóźwiak

Master of the Hung Gar Kuen style.
Officially represents the family lineage of master Chiu Wai and master Ambros Kwok Keung Chiu.
The founder and the person running the school of Chinese martial arts.

Marcin Jóźwiak

Si Fu Marcin Jóźwiak

Marcin Jóźwiak the founder and person running the school of Chinese martial arts - ACADEMY OF TRADITIONAL HUNG GAR KUNG FU. He has been training the Hung Gar Kuen system since 1990. Participant and organizer of many camps and training seminars. He took part in many traditional and sports tournaments many times, taking high places. He constantly improves his skills and deepens his knowledge under the supervision of masters Chiu Kwok Keung and Chiu Wai. In 2001, he ended his professional career, fully concentrating on teaching the Hung Gar Kung Fu system and transferring the principles and attitudes passed down by generations of masters - promoting the ideas of Hung Gar Kung Fu.

Si Fu Marcin Jóźwiak received the master's degree in the Hung Gar Kung Fu style from the masters: Ambrose Kwok Keung Chiu and Chiu Wai. This is confirmed by a certificate issued and signed by both masters.

Si Fu has knowledge in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine - it is confirmed by the Institute's certificate Improvement Professional in this regard.

Has press and TV publications on traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese martial arts, including:
– in the monthly martial arts "Samurai",
– hosted a series of training programs Hung Gar Kung Fu on TVN Turbo in the program Rules of Fight,
– publications on websites devoted to martial arts.

Over the years of running the Academy, he raised many masters, adepts and assistants, who currently they represent Hung Gar Kuen's style and lines. By sharing your knowledge with others generations of students.

Hung Gar Kuen lineage

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